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 Artistic Flowers designs jewelry from sentimental flowers.  This jewelry
 is a treasure for anyone and will "Make Your Flowers Last Forever".
Jewelry Pricing
  Bracelets $30.00 Earrings $12.00  
  Bracelets with charm $35.00 Christmas Ornament $10.00
  Mirror Hangers $23.00 Rosary $40.00  
  Necklace $23.00 Beads (one) $5.00
  Keychain (3 beads) $15.00 Watch $33.00
  Watch Necklace $27.00    
 If you are looking for a way to save your flowers from your wedding day
 or another event, developing a sentimental jewelry piece is a great way to
 make your flowers last forever.  Contact us today to design your
 sentimental jewelry item for you or a loved one. 
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